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Bohri Blazing Flame Shorts


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Presenting the Bohri Blazing Flame Shorts which ensure comfort and flexibility made from a flexible polyester-spandex fabric blend that promotes elasticity and makes the piece comfortable to wear and holds up against the rigors of any training. These Bohri Shorts provide a primary feel for comfort, flexibility, and protection and prevent abrasion and resistance during your training or combat sessions on the ground.

It features the perfect combination fit for your combat sports or mixed martial arts including jiu-jitsu and boxing, and also for your cross-training and fitness sessions. The printing on the leggings is sublimated to ensure that the unique design does not scratch or fade and this outfit’s design will delight any athlete looking for performance.

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  • Made from flexible polyester-spandex fabric that protects you from cuts, scrapes, and skin irritations.
  • Impressions are sublimated for durability to promote elasticity and make the piece comfortable to wear.
  • Slim fit reduces rolling up or sliding during the training or competition and leaves no grip on your opponent.
  • Reinforced seams ensure resistance and optimize recovery as it lifts moisture off your body and keeps you dry.

YXS, YS, YM, XS, S, M, L