Century TKD Taekwondo Red Uniform


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This Century TKD Taekwondo Red Uniform for adults and kids is designed to improve your range of motion giving you great comfort and freedom of movement without any distractions and it is durable, lightweight, and comfortable with elegant stiff collar design that will keep you comfortable and focused in the game.

It integrated with elastic waistband which has an adjustable drawstring, to provide the exact tension each individual prefers and it disperses sweat fast which keeps you comfortable and focused holding up to any amount of intense training so you can perform the best.

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  • Constructed with 100% cotton with wrinkle free finish and and it is light weight uniform.
  • The crossover jacket features front and back darts to achieve moisture-wicking shoulder liner.
  • The pants feature an elastic waistband with a generous ¬†gusset for great mobility and comfort.
  • These Pants have an additional double inseam, full gusset and elastic waist with drawstring.
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