RingHorns Charger Red Sparring Gloves

The RingHorns Charger Red Sparring Gloves provide incredible fit and amazing durability combined with an amazing style as with their high density foam, it offers you a wide protection and its reinforcement giving you an optimal protection of your hand and even with the most powerful impacts and these gloves give you a better fit for a powerful punch.

These gloves made with great attention to detail, these gloves are sure to last through the toughest of battles and its new closure system provides a better fit and allows closure with one hand and these gloves use a velcro fastening system that provides superior wrist support, maximizing punching power and preventing injury.

Also available in customization as per your specifications.


  • Construction with quality leather offering the outstanding comfort and durability.
  • Exclusive Velcro strap system for single hand pre-positioning and customized fit.
  • Layered foam for enhanced and long-lasting protection and for shock absorption.
  • High wrist support with an adjustable strap and with the high density threading.
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