Tatami Camo White Spats

The Tatami Camo White Spats of collection introduces a series of new leggings that once again showcase our unique and creative commitment to producing the best, most varied and functional spats and leggings and we combine not only the most up to date style options but specially designed to the maximize performance. These leggings offers an arctic look to complete that blends in perfectly and with a high elasticity fabric. These spats moving comfortable and support the toughest stretches for greater performance.

With various new designs for spats or leggings, we can reinvent your looks and add styles to your substance on your grappling journey and so we have expanded our range with the essentials collection and a unique and the innovative set of collections for you to hit the mat with flexibility and comfort.

Also available in customization as per your requirements.


  • Constructed with the premium polyester spandex as super soft and flexible material.
  • Spats with compression fit panels to maximize comfort and movement on the mat.
  • Premium quality sublimated material to ensure that it will not crack, peel or fade.
  • Integrated with unique designs with perfect option at an exceptional price point.
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All Sizes Available.