Zotic Bag

Introduces New Zotic Bag with reinforced Stitching and Finishes and incredibly versatile and expertly designed, down to the finest detail, for all sports athletes and this bag has several extra pockets perfectly suited for all your training accessories.

The storage pockets are very useful to transport your gym stuff and the upper micro-fleece pocket provides protection to your most valuable items and this backpack will take you beyond the next level.

Also available in customized as per your specifications.


  • A shell compartment at the top of the bag to protect glasses/mobile phones from damage.
  • A compartment underneath the hard shell pocket to keep your valuables safe and protective.
  • Shoulder Straps for easy conversion to use as a backpack and carry all your things almost.
  • Handles and shoulder strap padded for comfort and pockets for easy storage and optimized.
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Small, Medium, Large